30 East Drive

30 East Drive

Home to one of the most violent poltergeists in the world

30 East Drive looks like every other house on the street, but this unassuming semi-detached home is hiding a dark secret. It is home to one of the most violent poltergeists in the world – The Black Monk of Pontefract.

History of 30 East Drive

The Pritchard family moved into 30 East Drive, Pontefract in August 1966 and soon after they began to experience paranormal phenomena.

Mysterious pools of water appeared on the kitchen floor, green sludge spluttered out of the taps and a large shadowy figure was seen moving through the house. Their dream home quickly became a nightmare.

The terrified Pritchards soon called in an exorcist, but the attempted clearances filled the spirit with indignation and the haunting became increasingly violent.

Items were thrown from an upstairs window, a large grandfather clock was thrown down the stairs and a solid wood sideboard was toppled before the poltergeist, given the moniker Fred by the family, set his sights on the youngest daughter Diane.

She quickly became the focus of the haunting and the activity took an even darker turn when she was dragged up the stairs by unseen hands, leaving her traumatised and with visible red marks on her throat.

It eventually became too much for the Pritchard family, who sold up and moved on, but the activity continued in the empty house. A neighbour reported thuds and banging on the wall, once calling the police in the belief somebody had broken in.

30 East Drive was bought by film producer Bill Bungay in 2012 to promote a paranormal horror, “When the Lights Went Out”, which is based loosely on the Pritchard’s experiences.

Whilst he does not live in 30 East Drive, he claims to have had his own frightening encounters with Fred, who is still believed to be active in the property.

Diane's Room in 30 East Drive
Diane’s Room. Credit: 30EastDrive.com

The Black Monk of Pontefract

The house is reportedly haunted by The Black Monk of Pontefract, otherwise known as “Fred”. The malevolent spirit, who has been dubbed the most violent poltergeist in the world is rumoured to be a Cluniac monk from the Priory of St.John the Evangelist.

It is believed he was hanged for rape in the days of Henry VIII and is buried under the house in an ancient well.

Much of the violent activity reported has taken place in Diane’s old bedroom. The bed has been broken and the room has been completely trashed, whilst visitors have also been physically attacked.

Katrina Weidman, from the US paranormal show Paranormal Lockdown, was scratched in the property and claimed 30 East Drive is home to “a phenomenon that defies the laws of science”.

30 East Drive Ghosts

Whilst The Black Monk is the most prominent ghost in 30 East Drive, it is also believed the house is haunted by a female spirit.

Visitors have reported feeling sick in the oppressive atmosphere of the upper floor whilst demonic, growling sounds and heavy footsteps have been heard.

There is also a negative spirit in the coalhouse who has been known to lock unsuspecting guests in, leaving them traumatised.

30 East Drive FAQ

Here are some answers to the commonly asked questions about 30 East Drive

Can I visit 30 East Drive?

Yes. There are a number of ghost hunting companies that regularly run Ghost Hunts at 30 East Drive. They do tend to sell out quickly given the popularity of this infamous location. Haunted Happenings are there most Thursdays and Sundays – with the option of a sleepover at the weekend.

Does 30 East Drive still operate as a bed and breakfast?

No, but a number of ghost hunt companies do offer an overnight stay option for those brave enough!

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