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Our small editorial team strive to provide credible and trustworthy content that is backed by our extensive experience and paranormal research. Our team are paranormal enthusiasts and have taken part in over 200 investigations at reputedly haunted locations in the United Kingdom and the United States.

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In the press

Our paranormal evidence has been featured in the British press.
Listen to eerie voice of rock throwing poltergeist caught on video – Daily Mirror, March 2023

Our Expert Writers

Amy Boucher is a writer and folklorist who focuses on her native Shropshire. Her emphasis is primarily on the interplay between Folklore, history and the paranormal, as well as perceptions of the past through the lens of folk beliefs. She is a passionate advocate of Shropshire’s folklore ghosts and the role such stories play in preserving the past.
Ever since an early age, Evie has been drawn to the mystery of the spiritual realm. With a deep love for history, she’s visited and has written about a number of haunted cities in the United Kingdom and beyond including the likes of Edinburgh and London. Evie’s also been fortunate to live in Rome and explore paranormal activities in the city’s catacombs. Having had her own ghostly encounters, she’s eager to share her experiences with others. Her favourite spooky location is Mary King’s Close.
Kate Cherrell is a writer and academic specialising in 19th century spiritualism and séance through the ages. She speaks widely on spiritualism, occultism and the paranormal and can currently be seen co-hosting Discovery's, Haunted Homecoming (2022) the upcoming series Unexplained: Caught on Camera (2023). She is the creator of BurialsAndBeyond.com, a website exploring the stranger sides of life, death, burial and what's left behind.
The Morbid Tourist - aka Louise Joy - is an avid enthusiast of all things dark and spooky. If she’s not visiting haunted houses or quirky attractions around the UK, you’ll find her relaxing with sweary-cross stitch or gaming. Or researching the next spooky spot to visit…
Matt has always had a keen interest in the paranormal and more specifically, the history of haunted locations. A self confessed super fan of Most Haunted in the early years of the show, he regularly attends ghost hunts and visits haunted locations across the United Kingdom and further afield! His passion for ghost hunting started when he moved into what turned out to be a very haunted house in his second year of university in Leicester! His favourite location is the Niddry Street Vaults in Edinburgh. The British press, including the Daily Mirror, have published Matt's evidence of paranormal activity.
Michelle Fisher is a teacher living in Oxfordshire in England who has has been featured in American Paranormal Magazine, Unknowing, Haunted Magazine, A View Beyond, the Mortiferous Muse Zine, Myth and Lore Zine, Morbid Curious as well as in Volume III of The Feminine Macabre. She also hosts the Haunted History Chronicles podcast.
Stephen is a Paranormal Investigator from Berkshire. He has taken part in over 100 investigations at 57 locations and travelled all over Britain working with many respectable ghost hunting companies such as Haunted Happenings, Fright Night and Most Haunted Experience.
Warren Gray is a retired, U.S. Air Force intelligence officer with experience in joint special operations and counterterrorism. He served in Europe and the Middle East, earned Air Force and Navy parachutist wings, four college degrees, and was a distinguished graduate of the Air Force Intelligence Operations Specialist Course, and the USAF Combat Targeting School. He is currently a published author and historian.
Wayne is the curator at Eerie Edinburgh. Documenting Edinburgh’s lesser-known hauntings and ghostly goings-on. eerieedinburgh.com - the home of Edinburgh’s ghost stories.
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