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The Best Ghost Hunting Apps that claim to detect paranormal activity

Uncover the truth about the Best Ghost Hunting Apps

Paranormal investigations have seen a surge in popularity in recent years, and Ghost Hunting apps are becoming an essential tool for both professional and amateur ghost hunters.

These apps are packed with features designed to detect and identify spiritual activity and claim to make ghost hunting more accessible.

In this article, we will be discussing some of the top-rated ghost hunting apps available today.

What Are Ghost Hunting Apps?

Ghost hunting apps are smartphone applications designed to assist users in detecting and tracking possible paranormal phenomena.

These apps utilise various tools, sensors, and algorithms to identify, record and analyse potential spirit encounters.

Functions and Features

Ghost hunting apps offer several vital functions and features that can be used in a paranormal investigation. Some of the most common features available in these apps include:

  • EMF Detectors: Apps such as GhostTube include a Magnetic Field Detector, which measures electromagnetic field fluctuations using the device’s built-in magnetometer. It is believed that unusual readings could indicate paranormal activity nearby.
  •  EVP Recorders: Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) recorders capture sounds that are not detectable by the human ear but may be heard during playback. While many investigators prefer using a handheld voice recorder, ghost-hunting apps, like GhostTube and the Paranormal EMF Recorder and Scanner, have built-in EVP recording capabilities. It is also possible to use your device’s built-in Voice Recorder to attempt to record EVPs, as we proved at the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham.
  •  SLS Cameras: The makers of GhostTube have created an SLS Camera Tool that works well on Apple devices equipped with LiDAR technology. SLS cameras are believed to be able to detect the human form, and spirits may show as stick figures if they are present.
  •  Vibration Detectors: These tools detect unusual vibrations or movements in the environment. The Ghost Hunting Toolkit is an example of an app with a vibration detector.
  •  ITC Applications: Several ITC applications, such as Echovox or ParaTek, use multiple banks of phonetic sounds to generate intelligent responses. Spirits are said to be able to manipulate these electronic sound forms to form full words and even sentences.

Best Paranormal Apps

GhostTube - Best Ghost Hunting Apps


GhostTube is a ghost-hunting app that uses the sensors on your mobile device to detect fluctuations in magnetic energy, select words from a pre-populated data bank, and record EVPs during paranormal investigations.

The app’s developers also offer a virtual reality headset that can be used with GhostTube apps for an immersive experience while investigating or aiding in sensory deprivation during Estes-like experiments.

Another cool feature GhostTube offer is an SLS Ghost Camera app that uses the LiDAR technology built into Apple devices to detect humanoid bodies that the naked eye cannot see. It projects a grid of infrared light to detect depth and see in the dark as the Kinect SLS camera works.

GhostTube is available on both the App Store and Google Play Store, while the GhostTube SLS camera is available on the App Store.


EchoVox is a well-known app in the paranormal community that is designed to facilitate communication with spirits via ITC (Instrumental Trans-Communication).

With adjustable settings and studio-quality results, users can capture and analyse audio recordings, which are said to include real-time responses from spirits.

Nick Groff and respected Paranormal Investigator Barri Ghai, the tech expert on the British paranormal show Help My House is Haunted, use this app regularly.

Barri explains: “Somehow, this application produces incredible results during any investigation.”


ParaTek is a ghost hunting app that claims to use third-generation AI technology to detect paranormal activity. The app features a built-in gyroscope and magnetometer that can scan through four layers of data to analyse and decipher over 2000 words in the app.

Some users have reported success with the app, while others have expressed skepticism about its ability to detect paranormal activity.

The Paratek app has also been featured on a paranormal TV show called “Ghost Chasers” and ‘Help My House is Haunted’ on the Discovery network.

The app’s developers claim that both novice and professional ghost hunters trust it and that they consistently strive to bring the best technology available to their apps.

Best Paranormal Apps


Necrophonic is a popular app focusing on ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication) research in paranormal investigations.

Whereas a Spirit Box would scan radio frequencies to search for spirit voices, Necrophonic uses eight sound banks, and the app generates white noise to facilitate communication with spirits.

As a result, users can potentially receive real-time spirit voices through their devices.

Evaluating the Best Ghost Hunting App

Accuracy and Reliability

When evaluating the best ghost hunting app, it’s essential to consider the accuracy and reliability of the tools provided. Apps such as GhostTube utilise actual sensors built into the device, such as the magnetometer, to provide users with a credible experience.

Television medium Chris Fleming, who champions the use of ITC applications, told GhostMag in a recent interview that there can be a lot of “false positives”, but believes he has recorded “remarkable conversations and evidence” when using ghost hunting apps.

“We have heard, captured and analysed some of the direct responses. The proof is in the data”, he added.

Reviews and Testimonials

Another vital factor to consider when evaluating the best ghost hunting app is the app’s overall reputation.

This can be assessed by checking user reviews and testimonials, which provide valuable insight into the app’s performance and effectiveness.

Highly-rated apps like Ghostcom Radar Spirit Detector have numerous positive reviews, indicating that they may be efficient and helpful during paranormal investigations.

The credibility of a ghost hunting app can also be determined by analysing its adoption and success among professional ghost hunters and its performance during investigations. For example, professional investigator Barri Ghai strongly recommends EchoVox, ParaTek, and Necrophonic on his website.

We recommend trying different applications on the same investigation, as we have found that some apps work better than others in specific locations.

It is also important not to rely solely on Ghost Hunting Apps to record paranormal evidence. While they can be fun to use and occasionally throw up some extraordinary evidence, we suggest you also take some traditional ghost-hunting gear!


This article discusses some of the top ghost hunting apps available for both iOS and Android devices. These apps offer a variety of tools and features, assisting paranormal investigators and enthusiasts in their ghostly endeavors.

The effectiveness and validity of these apps in detecting paranormal activity remain subjective.

Nonetheless, their growing popularity suggests that users find value in their assistance during paranormal investigations. As with any tool, using these apps responsibly and with a healthy dose of skepticism is essential.

In conclusion, ghost hunting apps can be an exciting and valuable addition to any paranormal investigator’s toolkit.

With the increasing advancement in smartphone technology, these apps continue to evolve, offering users new and innovative ways to explore the world of the paranormal.

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