Best Paranormal Podcasts

The Best Paranormal Podcasts (You’ll be sleeping with the light on!)

The best spooky shows you can stream today.

Fiona Dodwell takes a look at the best paranormal podcasts that you can stream today!

The paranormal has become such a popular interest that it has danced its way into many aspects of modern culture, from acclaimed documentaries, TV reality shows, non-fiction books and even immersive interactive experiences.

It’s not surprising, then, that the paranormal has really taken the podcast world by storm over recent years. With the popularity of online streaming in general on the rise, it’s not particularly unexpected that the paranormal would has become a popular topic for many online shows.

As with most media, there are mixed opinions on what makes something worth watching, or listening to. If you want audiences to commit to long-running podcasts then you need to stand out, and thankfully, there are quite a number of shows that have proven themselves time and time again as ranking amongst the best on the subject of all things spooky.

Here for Ghostmag, I take a look at a selection of a few of the best paranormal podcasts that you can catch online today…

Top Paranormal Podcasts


Uncanny began in October of 2021. Hosted by author, playwright and paranormal enthusiast Danny Robins, the show quickly gained a huge fanbase as it promised to be one of the most significant and detailed explorations of the paranormal ever.

Uncanny is, for the most part, made up of 30 minute episodes in which Robins interviews eyewitnesses to paranormal activity. Each episode contains interviews with those who experienced the unexplained, and then goes on to talk to a host of critics and parapsychologists in order to come up with theories about the spooky events.

Often, these episodes are extremely unsettling and unnerving. Whether you’re a believer or sceptic, the show is highly addictive and engaging. It’s easy to see why this show has become such a cultural phenomena.

You can stream Uncanny on Spotify, BBC and most major streaming platforms.


Best Paranormal Podcasts - Frightful

Frightful is a paranormal podcast that is hosted by Peter Laws, who is an ordained minister as well as an author and journalist. The podcast itself began back in November of 2021, and Laws quickly gained many followers, with the show becoming a hit with paranormal enthusiasts and students. The episodes in the Frightful series are usually anything between 15-25 minutes, and each explores historical paranormal cases as well as modern accounts of the spooky and macabre.

Laws is an engaging host and his passion for the dark side of life is evident as he traverses his way through a host of topics such as poltergeist cases, demonic possession, haunted locations and occult-linked crime cases.

Frightful is one of the best paranormal podcasts, exploring a wide variety of the creepy and unexplained in quirky, imaginative shows. Frightful can be streamed on Spotify, and on Peter Laws own website –

Terra Signals

Terra Signals is a somewhat new addition to the podcast world, and yet those who have found their way to the show never come away disappointed. It’s a deeply interesting series which, having started early on in 2023, has already started to make an impact.

Each episode is anything between 30 minutes to 90 minutes, and explores the supernatural, metaphysical, scientific and cultural impact of the paranormal. There is nothing light about this fascinating show, in which there are very detailed examinations of hauntings, possessions, and a whole variety of the weird and unusual – for example there is a show dedicated to human combustion and also an episode on Hoodoo. The subjects explored are engaging and creepy in equal measure. Terra Signals is definitely worth checking out and you can find it on Spotify today.

Real Ghost Stories Online

This hugely popular podcast, which is hosted by Tony Brueski, is a major favourite with many fans of the paranormal. With an episode being added most days (that’s impressive, you have to admit) the show explores all things scary with tales that are sent in from listeners all over the globe.

Each episode is bite-sized creepy fun, running at about 10 minutes. Everything you can think of is explored on this podcast but at its heart is a love of true ghost stories, of which fans of the show send in.

Anything from shadow people, demons, haunted houses and possessions are covered here, and listeners are invited to send in their own experiences which can be shared on the podcast. There are many highly creepy accounts on this online show and anyone interested in the spooky and strange will likely love the content.

You can listen to Real Ghost Stories Online on Spotify.

Real Life Ghost Stories

Much like with Real Ghost Stories Online, this fantastic podcast sources all of it’s spooky material from fans who send in detailed accounts of their own supernatural experiences. Everything from aliens, death, hauntings and demons are covered here in this highly addictive podcast series.

Running since 2019, this show has explored it all – we have episodes on fairies, banshees, ouija boards, telepathy and even curses. Episodes generally run anywhere between 20 minutes to a full hour, and once you delve in, you’ll want to make your way through all of the series.

The hosts of the show share their contact details so that listeners can contribute their own tales of the paranormal, and you can also be a Patreon of the show if you want to gain some extras. You can check out Real Life Ghost Stories on Apple and Spotify today.

Haunted History Chronicles

The Haunted History Chronicles Podcast has been streaming since 2020. Hosted by Michelle, the series takes a deep-dive into the history and ghostly events that surround different locations and people. With episodes uploaded regularly, each show runs anywhere between 45 – 90 minutes; the host takes significant themes of the paranormal and does exhaustive research into each topic covered.

Episodes available to stream cover everything from deliverance ministry, Scottish Mysticism, spirit communication and the history of vampires. With experts being interviewed for each episode, it adds a nice layer to the experience as listeners traverse the weird and the wonderful with the host.

It’s definitely a podcast worth checking out if you want to learn more about the history of the paranormal. You can check out Haunted History Chronicles today.

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