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Best Paranormal YouTube Channels You Should Check Out Today!

A curated list of best paranormal YouTube channels you can stream today!

Fiona Dodwell curates a list of best paranormal YouTube channels you can stream today!

YouTube is saturated with paranormal content, from the freaky and funny to the downright frightening. Of course, with the advent of the internet and the ease of access to sharing and manipulating footage online, it has become all too easy to share fake material too.

To save you the time, for GhostMag I have scrolled through the many paranormal YouTube channels in a quest to find some of the best out there. The aim was to find the most respected and innovative channels, and I think we’ve managed that. Included are investigative ghost-hunting series and documentary-style videos which explore the dark side of life.  

Read on to uncover some of the paranormal channels we think are worth checking out. If there are any great channels I have missed, feel free to add them into the comment section below and we at GhostMag will check them out. 

Best Paranormal YouTube Channels

Amy’s Crypt 

Amy’s Crypt began in 2017, with host Amy promising us a vast array of videos of paranormal investigations in many locations. She didn’t disappoint. With a whopping 242K subscribers and almost 500 videos uploaded to her channel, Amy’s Crypt is one of our favourites online. 

There are investigations in the USA, Australia and the UK, including haunted pubs, theatres, asylums and castles. Each full-length episode highlights the history of each location and follows the hosts as they investigate the alleged ghosts said to haunt them. 

Many full-length episodes run over an hour, but there are also a selection of shorts.  Places investigated for the channel include 30 East Drive, The Ancient Ram Inn, Hoia Baciu forest and the Paris Catacombs.


My Haunted Hotel

My Haunted Hotel is a much loved paranormal channel hosted by a small team who have a huge love for all things spooky. Harry, Brett & Danny are, according to their own write-up on YouTube, “fully focused on capturing true evidence on camera as well as providing a healthy scepticism.” 

My Haunted Hotel is an ongoing documentation of the three hosts as they investigate Ye Olde Kings Head – a 400 year old building in Chester, which is said to be home to genuine ghostly activity. The channel has, so far, almost 650K views, 22K subscribers and 60 full-length episodes of their captured investigations.  

Videos each last approximately 45 minutes and make for absolutely fascinating viewing.  

You can find out more about the channel here: 

Travel The Dead – Katrina Weidman

Best Paranormal YouTube Channels - Travel the Dead

Travel The Dead is a paranormal show on Katrina Weidman’s YouTube channel. Weidman has, for a long time, been a much loved figure in the world of the paranormal. Having already starred in hugely successful TV reality shows, ‘Paranormal Lockdown’ and ‘Portals To Hell’, it is no surprise that her work on YouTube is as loved as it is.  

Travel The Dead began approx a year ago, and has almost 55K subscribers. With 38 videos currently available, there’s enough for anyone fascinated by the paranormal to sink their teeth into. Videos run anywhere between 15 minutes to approx an hour, and show Weidman and her co-host Heather Taddy exploring some of the most fascinating alleged haunted places across the USA.

Places investigated for the channel include Selma Mansion, Hoover House and Pennhurst.  

You can learn more about this amazing channel here: 

Ouija Brothers

Ouija Brothers is an exciting channel devoted to captured paranormal activity during the host’s investigations across many locations. Described as “two best mates searching for the paranormal,” Ouija Brothers has proven very popular to those interested in all things spooky. 

With over 70K subscribers and 280 videos available at the time of writing, this channel has a lot to offer. Ouija Brothers has been going for over 5 years now. Episodes run anywhere between 20 mins to an hour. Locations investigated include Jamaica Inn, Shepton Mallet Prison, Wentworth Woodhouse and 30 East Drive

The hosts regularly add content to their site so you’ll never get bored waiting for new material to devour.

You can find out more about this channel here:

Dead Explorer 

Dead Explorer is run by a single individual who has a passion for learning about ghosts and hauntings. His channel page states: 

“My name is Alejandro and I am the ghost hunter known as the Dead Explorer. When I was five years old I saw a real ghost in my grandparent’s home. All footage on Dead Explorer is authentic and shot by me. I always try to debunk evidence and only share activity that cannot be explained. Reputation and credibility are super important to me.” 

Dead Explorer started in 2010 and is heading for 50K subscribers. There are 241 videos currently available to view on the channel, and most videos run to between 5 – 20 minutes, which each episode showing highlights of an investigation. Many locations have been explored by the channel host and there’s an impressive amount of alleged evidence caught on camera.  

You can learn more about this fabulous channel here: 

Paranormal Quest

The Paranormal Quest YouTube channel has been up and running since 2012. It has an amazing 146K subscribers and heading for 400 videos for viewers to pour over. Each video is a paranormal investigation run by the Paranormal Quest hosts and includes ghost hunts at haunted hospitals, prisons and mansions across the USA.  

The episodes are a lot of fun but the subject matter is taken seriously and with respect. Videos run anywhere between 45 minutes to 2 hours, and take the time to explore the paranormal reports and history of each location.  

Some amazing footage is captured and the channel certainly offers a lot for those who enjoy paranormal reality series.  

You can find out more about this channel here: 


ReignBot has an amazing 1.35 million subscribers to its channel, with almost 200 videos. The channel started in 2015, and has been growing ever since with a dedicated viewing fanbase. With regular videos being uploaded, it’s not hard to see why people love ReignBot so much. There’s a huge amount of paranormal content to it, including specials on paranormal cases, as well as urban legends, unexplained mysteries and true crime.  

A quick glance at their video homepage on YouTube shows an enticing array of material on offer, from an examination of Ouija Boards to a case in which a family were haunted by disturbing voicemails. So while not strictly limited to the paranormal, there’s plenty to feast your eyes on if you’re into all aspects of the weird and wonderful on this channel. 

Learn more about this fantastic channel right here:

Scary Mysteries

Scary Mysteries is a YouTube channel which started back in 2014. It has almost 800K subscribers and an impressive 830 videos currently available to watch. This channel covers a wide variety of topics, from true crime to unexplained mysteries, however there is a huge amount of paranormal-focused videos which covers everything from time-slips, UFOs, hauntings and demonic possession. 

Videos are uploaded regularly, often every day or every other day, and each runs anywhere between 10 minutes to 30 minutes, making it the perfect channel to dip in and out of when you only have a short amount of time to devote to watching.  

The channel is hugely popular and even has a Patreon where fans can sign up and receive extra perks, such as bonus episodes and exclusive content.  

Find out more about Scary Mysteries here:

If there are any great channels I have missed, feel free to add them into the comment section below. They may just make a future list of the Best Paranormal YouTube channels!

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