Eamonn Vann-Harris, EVP expert, on Most Haunted

Conversations with the dead? An interview with EVP expert Eamonn Vann-Harris

GhostMag editor Matt Barlow sits down with EVP expert and former Most Haunted team member Eamonn Vann-Harris to discuss his innovative research into Electronic Voice Phenomena.

Electronic Voice Phenomena has been a captivating subject for paranormal researchers for decades. However, very few have explored this enigmatic realm with the same passion and innovation as EVP expert Eamonn Vann-Harris, whose unique experiences and pioneering techniques have fundamentally transformed the field.

Vann-Harris’s journey into Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) started in his early years. Following his great-grandmother’s passing, he experienced a vivid, haunting dream that profoundly shaped his perspective on life and death. “In the dream, I heard the phone ring in the middle of the night. After a series of unrecognizable whispers and static, my grandma came through. She said, ‘Life goes on, and love is forever'”, Eamonn told GhostMag.

This uncanny event stirred a deep-seated fascination within a young Vann-Harris, a passion that would guide his life’s work.

EVP research has come a long way since its inception. It began as a fringe interest in the 20th century, piquing the curiosity of select parapsychologists and psychologists, including famed EVP researcher Friedrich Jürgenson. It has since blossomed into a serious area of study, propelled by technological and scientific advancements and ground-breaking findings.

However, the path has sometimes been challenging. As EVP investigations became more popular, researchers faced increasing challenges in differentiating between genuine paranormal communications and incidental noises. These difficulties underscored the need for more rigorous research protocols and sophisticated recording and analysis technologies.

In this context, Vann-Harris’s entry into the field in 2009 marked a significant shift. His approach married the scientific rigour required to establish EVP’s credibility with a deep respect and understanding for the studied entities. His introduction to the world of EVPs came unexpectedly and via his love of the outdoors. During walks in the countryside, he began capturing strange whispers on his Blackberry phone when recording the sounds of the birds and flowing streams he used for meditation.

“I exchanged my phone three times because I was convinced the phone’s microphone had an issue. In the end, I sent the original recording to an audio expert in Canada who sent it back cleaned up.”

Remarkably, the cleaned-up recording revealed a message from his grandfather, who had passed some years prior.

“It sounded like my grandad talking to someone else. He was explaining to them that I was his grandson and looking out for me”, Eamonn explained.

“He kept saying ‘watch your foot please’ because I was recovering from an ankle injury, and the terrain was very uneven.”

Vann-Harris’s distinctive approach to EVP research soon caught the attention of the popular TV show ‘Most Haunted.’ He joined the Most Haunted team in 2015 and introduced a hybrid technique that combined Raudive/Jurgenson-based methods with his development of Scalar-based technology.

Eamonn Vann-Harris
Eamonn Vann-Harris on Most Haunted

“I wanted to see if we could get intelligent answers to the team’s questions,” he explained.

“At the same time, I mixed and developed different methods based on the location. If a location were known for visual phenomena, rather than sound, I would concentrate on feedback loops to see if we could capture anything.”

His adaptive strategy pushed the boundaries of traditional methods, breathing fresh life into the field of paranormal research. The notion of incorporating a Faraday cage into his investigations exemplified Vann-Harris’s commitment to scientific rigour. By filtering out stray signals, especially from the Medium Wave or Long Wave spectrum, he significantly enhanced the reliability of the recorded EVPs. This innovative measure provided a more credible glimpse into the world beyond our own.

Vann-Harris’s pioneering thinking also led him to develop the Scalar Wave Theory, a revolutionary idea suggesting spirits might use scalar waves for communication. Scalar waves, also known as ‘Tesla Waves,’ can travel faster than light and penetrate solid objects, making them an ideal medium for spirit communication.

“Scalar seems to disappear from our physical law/earth’s atmosphere and then reappear at Point B. It’s as if it leaves the atmosphere, is manipulated outside our physical law, and then returns with a message. It’s superluminal, so it has incredible potential,” Harris explains.

Technological advancements and the circulation of compelling EVP evidence online, including on Eamonn’s YouTube channel, have further enticed amateur enthusiasts to delve into the shadowy realm of ghost hunting.

Conversations with the dead?

Armed with an array of ghost-hunting gadgets, they attempt to capture the elusive electronic voice phenomena, seeking confirmation of a world beyond our own. Harris recommended using laptops for those attempting to capture their own EVPs in supposed haunted locations. While acknowledging their logistical shortcomings, he emphasized their technical superiority, hinting at the rapid evolution of technology and its impact on EVP research.

Above all, Harris insists on respect when dealing with spirits. “Communicate with a spirit as if you would be communicating with a stranger for the first time. Stay positive and calm, along with a high vibrational attitude,” Harris advises. His respectful attitude towards these unseen entities resonates throughout his work, offering a fresh perspective in a field often shrouded in fear and misunderstanding.

Analyzing audio for EVPs is also a critical and challenging part of paranormal investigation. Harris suggests software like Adobe Audition and high-quality speakers that cover a vast frequency range for the best results.

“There are so many great programs, but something like Audition works well. Some good speakers that cover a vast frequency range can also be helpful. I have several speakers that can sometimes produce EVP that different speakers couldn’t produce due to frequency outputs.”

He also advises a careful approach to discern between genuine spirit voices and auditory pareidolia, a psychological phenomenon where the brain detects patterns, such as voices, in random sounds.

Phonetics plays a huge role in differentiating these; Harris explains, “It’s about seeing if these phonetic structures make up a clear word that is intelligible to the question that was asked.”

When asked about the best EVP he has captured in his career, Harris shared two particularly impactful instances. In one, he engaged in a 25-second two-way conversation with his friend John from beyond the grave. In another, he captured a message from a colleague’s deceased wife, which he describes as “very clear and very emotional.”

Eamonn’s EVP research has brought new dimensions to our understanding of the paranormal. His personal experiences, scientific approach, and unwavering respect for the entities he communicates with make him a trailblazer in the field, and his contributions illuminate the path as we venture further into the unseen realms of existence.

You can follow Eamonn on Twitter @Eam_VannHarris

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