How to use a ouija board

How to Use a Ouija Board Safely: Tips and Precautions

Learn to use a spirit board

Ouija boards have long been a popular means of attempting to communicate with spirits and the unknown.

While many people enjoy interesting and friendly encounters, it is essential to take precautions when using a Ouija board as it can also lead to unintended consequences and potentially harmful experiences.

To ensure a safe and positive experience with a Ouija board, one must properly cleanse the space, engage respectfully with spirits, and establish boundaries. By adhering to these guidelines and following expert advice, users can explore the world of spiritual communication with a reduced risk of negativity or harm.

When approaching the use of a Ouija board, it is crucial to gather accurate information and follow best practices. This article will provide guidance on how to use a Ouija board safely, drawing on reputable sources and expert opinions, allowing users to engage with this fascinating practice responsibly.

Understanding Ouija Boards

The Ouija board, also known as a spirit board or talking board, has a long and fascinating history. It originated in the 19th century as a means of communicating with the spirit world during the spiritualism movement in America. The name Ouija is derived from the French word “oui” and the German word “ja”, both meaning “yes”.

Although the board has its roots in spiritualism, it became popular as a parlour game in the early 20th century. Many people believed that it could communicate with spirits, but others saw it as a harmless way to entertain themselves. Despite the controversies and debates surrounding its use, the Ouija board has persisted as a popular means of connecting with the unknown.

A typical Ouija board consists of two main parts:

  • Board: The board is usually made of wood, cardboard or plastic and features the alphabet, numbers from 0 to 9, and the words ‘yes’, ‘no’, and ‘goodbye’. Some boards also include additional symbols or imagery related to the spirit realm. The layout and design of the board may vary slightly, but the essential elements remain the same across different versions.
  • Planchette: This is a small piece, often heart-shaped, with a window or pointer to indicate the letters or numbers on the board. The planchette is used by participants to guide the movement on the board, ostensibly under the influence of spirits or other supernatural forces.

Using the Ouija board typically involves two or more people who place their fingers lightly on the planchette. They then ask questions to the spirit world, hoping to receive answers through the movement of the planchette across the board.

It is important to approach this activity with respect and caution to ensure a safe and positive experience.

Preparing for a Safe Session

Selecting an appropriate location is integral for a safe Ouija board session. Ideally, choose a quiet space free from distractions, where you can focus on the process. Preferably, the area should be cleansed with a sage bundle, which is thought to clear any negative energies present in the space.

Assemble all required materials before commencing the session. This should include the Ouija board, the planchette, and a container, such as a small bowl, or holder for sage. Additionally, have a container filled with sea salt to create a protective circle around the participants and the board.

Setting clear intentions before using the Ouija board can provide purpose and direction to the session. This should involve mentally preparing the participants, explaining the process, and establishing a respectful atmosphere. It is vital that users approach the board with a positive attitude, as this helps to minimise any potential risks.

Establishing Ground Rules

Ouija Board Etiquette

When using a Ouija board, it is essential to establish and follow proper etiquette to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. First and foremost, select a peaceful and comfortable location free from distractions or negative energy. This will create the right atmosphere for connecting with spirits. Moreover, always treat the board with respect and avoid any negative or offensive language during the session.

One important rule to follow is to never use the Ouija board alone. Partner with someone who is open-minded and respectful of the spirit world. Additionally, it is best to limit the number of participants in a session to just two or three people to maintain a focused and relaxed environment.

Proper Handling Techniques

In order to utilise the Ouija board safely, it is crucial to be aware of the proper handling techniques. Start by cleansing the space of negative energy using sage or incense, which can help protect the users during the session. To further enhance the protective energy around your Ouija board, consider surrounding it with quartz crystals or drawing a circle of sea salt around the users and the board.

Once the area is cleansed and protected, sit facing the Ouija board, making sure all participants can easily reach the planchette. Rest your fingers gently on the planchette without applying too much pressure, and ask questions to the spirits in a clear, respectful manner. When the session is over, thank the spirits for their presence and close the Ouija board session by moving the planchette to the “goodbye” position. This practice signals the end of the communication, effectively closing the portal between the users and the spirits.

By following these ground rules and proper handling techniques, users can ensure a safe and respectful experience when engaging with the Ouija board.

Communicating with the Board

Using a Ouija board safely involves proper communication techniques and understanding the responses received.

Begin your session by clearly stating your intention and the type of energy you wish to invite. This helps set a positive tone for the communication. When asking questions, always be respectful and polite towards the spirits.

Keep questions simple, specific, and easy to understand. Direct questions can lead to clearer responses from the spirits. Be patient while waiting for an answer, as it might take a moment for the spirits to communicate through the board.

It is essential to avoid questions related to sensitive or personal topics, such as death or tragedy. Stick to topics that are light-hearted and positive.

Ouija board responses can be quite cryptic at times, requiring conscious effort to interpret them. The planchette may move slowly or quickly, spelling out words or providing initials, numbers, or symbols. Keep your focus on understanding the message rather than making assumptions or jumping to conclusions.

When in doubt, feel free to ask for clarification or request the spirit to repeat the message. Make a note of recurring symbols or patterns, as these may be significant in understanding the spirit’s intentions.

During the course of communication, always maintain a respectful approach and keep an open mind. Remember to thank the spirit for their participation and say “goodbye” before ending the session.

It is also a good idea try to capture audio responses during your Ouija board session. Electronic voice phenomena is often recorded when spirits are present and a simple audio recording could reveal more about the spirit that is communicating with the board.

Ensuring Safety

When using a Ouija board, it’s crucial to be aware of any potential negative entities. To identify such entities, watch for signs like sudden changes in temperature, aggressive or threatening messages, or disturbing noises.

If you encounter any negative energy, remain calm and take control of the situation by firmly telling the entity to leave or saying goodbye on the board.

Prior to using the Ouija board, establish your intentions and decide what kind of energy you want to invite into the space. This mental preparation can help set the tone for a safe and positive session.

Additionally, always play with the Ouija board while sober, as being intoxicated can cause you to miss important messages or forget the rules of the session.Society19 UK recommends staying focused during the experience.

Take extra precautions by following these steps:

  • Never use the Ouija board alone
  • Have a clear and respectful communication with the spirit
  • Avoid asking to show physical signs or to manifest in our realmFriendly Specter
  • Always say goodbye when ending the session

By adhering to these guidelines and maintaining a respectful attitude, you can significantly enhance the safety of your Ouija board experience.

Ending the Session

It is crucial to close the connection properly when you have finished using your Ouija board. To do this, it is recommended to slide the planchette to the word “Goodbye” located on the board, and then remove your hands from the planchette. This should signal to the spirit that the session is complete and help to close the communication portal.

Additionally, it is important to maintain a respectful attitude and thank the spirit for their communication before ending the session. This can create a positive atmosphere and reduce the risk of negative energy lingering after the session has concluded.

After closing the connection with the spirit, it is advisable to perform cleansing rituals to dispel any residual energy that may be present. One common method for purifying a space is to burn sage or light incense, such as frankincense, myrrh or copal. These aromatics can help to remove negative energy and restore balance to the area.

Another cleansing technique to consider is the use of protective crystals, such as black tourmaline or selenite, which are known for their ability to ward off negative energy. Placing these crystals around the space where the Ouija board session was held can promote a positive atmosphere and ensure that any remaining energy from the session is properly managed.

In conclusion, ensuring a safe and successful Ouija board session involves careful attention to both the beginning and ending of your interaction with the spirit world. By adhering to these guidelines, you can help to create a positive experience and minimise any potential risks associated with using a Ouija board.

Additional Tips for Safe Usage

When using a Ouija board, it is crucial to follow the necessary safety precautions. Here are a few additional tips to ensure a secure and positive experience:

Firstly, maintain a respectful attitude towards the spirits you are communicating with. This means treating them with politeness and avoiding mockery, similar to how you would treat someone you are meeting for the first time. Being courteous fosters a positive and respectful atmosphere.

Secondly, consider using protective stones or crystals around your Ouija board. Placing quartz, obsidian, hematite, or kyanite can help cleanse and maintain the energy in the space. Additionally, you may want to draw a circle of sea salt around yourself and the board, as many believe that this creates a protective barrier.

Lighting white candles is another method believed to cleanse the environment and provide a sense of security(source). Moreover, it is essential to keep the surroundings clean and rid of distractions or negative energies.

Lastly, always remember to start the Ouija session by cleansing the board with sage, frankincense oil, or holy water. Begin by saying a prayer or invocation to channel only the highest good and spirit guides. Start moving the cruiser clockwise on the board to activate the positive energy.

By following these additional safety guidelines, users can experience a secure and rewarding session with their Ouija board.

Image Source: Emily Mucha (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

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