Plas Teg

The Ghosts of Plas Teg

The quintessential haunted house

Plas Teg, a Grade I listed Jacobean mansion, is one of the most haunted buildings in Wales. This quintessential haunted house is home to a smorgasbord of ghosts, who roam this foreboding location’s many rooms and passageways.

The History of Plas Teg

Sir John Trevor I, a Welsh politician, built the mansion in 1610 and lived there with his family until he died in 1629.

The house remained in the family and was passed down to his descendants until the early 20th century. During this period, the home was raided twice by Roundheads and also served as a local court under the watchful eye of the notorious ‘Hanging Judge’ George Jeffreys, who is also said to have operated at the infamous Skirrid Inn.

By the turn of the decade, the house was derelict but received a Grade I listing from CADW (Historic Environment division of the Welsh Government), protecting it from demolition.

A Trevor descendant, Patrick Trevor-Roper, purchased and partially restored the house with funds from the Historic Buildings Council. He then leased the house until 1977, when Mr. and Mrs. William Llewelyn bought the house. The couple only used parts of the ground floor, leaving the house to ruin.

The eccentric Cornelia Bayley purchased the house in 1986 and spent over £400,000 of her life savings to restore Plas Teg to its former glory.

Ghosts sightings at Plas Teg

Plas Teg is reportedly one of the most haunted buildings in Wales, and with stories of suicide, hangings, and lots of death, there is no surprise that 15 spirits are believed to haunt the house.

The most well-known ghost is believed to be that of Dorothy, the daughter of former owner Sir John Trevor I. Stories suggest Dorothy was due to elope with a local farmer’s son, but on the night she planned to run away, she tripped and tragically drowned to death in the well.

Dorothy is said to wander the road alongside Plas Teg, searching for her lover, whose heartbreaking spirit has also been seen pacing the grounds.

Judge George Jeffreys, who sentenced many to death by hanging, is also rumored to reside in Plas Teg, having used the building as a courtroom in the 17th century.

Visitors have reported the feeling of something or someone pushing past them and feelings of anger, sadness, and despair in certain house rooms. There have also been reports of unexplained noises, such as wailing, knocking, and footsteps in empty spaces.

Plas Teg has been the subject of numerous investigations by paranormal experts. It has been featured on many TV programs, including Most Haunted and Yvette Fielding’s spin-off show Ghost Hunting with… Girls Aloud.

Plas Teg
Plas Teg. Image Copyright

My experience Ghost Hunting at Plas Teg

From the moment we pulled onto the gravel driveway of Plas Teg, a strange feeling of unease came over us.

There was no sign of our tour guide, and it was deathly quiet as dusk began to fall. As we started to explore the grounds, I couldn’t shake the feeling that we were being watched from one of the many windows that loomed above us.

We plucked up the courage to knock on the front door. After some time, the door creaked open, and the eccentric live-in custodian, Cornelia, answered. She looked older and frailer than I remembered seeing her on the television, but she was so welcoming, and her passion for the house was evident

The house takes an oppressive turn after dark, making it easy to become spooked.

Plas Teg is under constant renovation. Inside, it’s cold, dark, and filled with an eclectic collection of antiques and oddities that give it an atmospheric feel. The house takes on an oppressive feeling as night falls, and it’s easy to become spooked wandering through the corridors, particularly when flickering torchlights cast shadows on the many artworks hanging on the walls.

It was a quiet night (yes! These things happen occasionally), and the ghostly inhabitants of Plas Teg didn’t offer up too much in the way of paranormal activity, but they didn’t send us home empty-handed!

We did hear some footsteps on the old oak staircase, which is said to have been salvaged from a Spanish Galleon ship. We experienced light movement during a table tipping experiment using one of the antique tables in the location.

Plas Teg Gardens
A bird bath at Plas Teg, Wales. Image Copyright
Can I visit Plas Teg?

Plas Teg is currently closed to the public as of 2023.

Address: Mold Road,Pontblyddyn,Mold, Flintshire, Mold CH7 4HP

Haunted locations nearby

North Wales is a hotbed for paranormal activity, and several haunted locations are nearby. Just up the road in Denbighshire, two such locations are just a stone’s throw from one another.

The hotel at Ruthin Castle regularly runs paranormal sleepovers, and people claim that the spirits of former inmates and correctional officers haunt the oppressive Ruthin Gaol.

Another spooky spot in Wales is the abandoned Bron Y Garth hospital, which also used to be a Union Workhouse.

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