Chris Fleming

Chris Fleming hosts Pop-Up Paracon this July In Woodstock, Illinois

The Midwest Paranormal Conference

GhostMag editor Matt Barlow caught up with Chris Fleming ahead of the Pop-Up Paracon event on July 8th at the Woodstock Opera House.

On Saturday, July 8, the Midwest Paranormal Conference, known as the Pop-Up Paracon, will be held at the historic and haunted Woodstock Opera House.

The conference is the brainchild of renowned spiritual medium Chris Fleming, who starred in ‘Spooked Scotland,’ ‘Help! My House Is Haunted,’ and the upcoming Discovery+ series ‘Spooked Ireland.’

The Pop-Up Paracon promises to bring together a diverse group of investigators, authors, and researchers specialising in the paranormal and unexplained. They will share their knowledge, evidence, and experiences on various topics, from ghosts and hauntings to miracles, near-death experiences, UFOs, and the infamous Chicago Mothman.

Fleming had initially planned the event as a ghost hunt but having visited the venue, soon realised the potential for something more.

“I’ve been doing paranormal access events for a while, but they’re just ghost hunts. We don’t do any lectures and stuff like that, and it’s not a whole day affair,” Fleming told GhostMag in a recent interview.

“I went there just for a ghost hunt. I said, ‘Okay, we’ll do a ghost hunt on July 8 at night.’ But it struck me that this would be a great place for a small pop-up Paracon. So, I rented the whole place out”

The event has since grown beyond Fleming’s initial expectations and will feature top figures in the field, including the Illinois director of MUFON Sam Muranto.

“You have people at the top of their game, prestigious positions in society that are coming forward to tell their stories that this stuff exists. And that’s what I wanted,” Fleming explained.

“I wanted this place for people to go to and hear them speak. People that have experienced this, they got the education, the degrees, and the background to share this really important information”.

The Paracon aims to be more than just an informative event. Fleming wants it to be an engaging and enjoyable experience for everyone. “I also want it to be lighthearted where people go there to learn, but also to have a wonderful time with others who share a common interest in the paranormal,” he added.

Guests can look forward to a paranormal panel hosted by Dave Schrader from ‘The Holzer Files,’ and ‘Ghosts Of Devils Perch,’ along with Shane Pittmann and Nick Simons from the Netflix show ’28 Days Haunted.’

Tickets are priced $30 for adults, $15 for students (with ID), and $10 for children 17 and under.

For more details, visit the event’s website.

Schedule for Pop-Up Paracon 2023 Midwest Paranormal Conference

10 am – Doors Open to Vendor Rooms Open 
11 am – Amelia Cotter – Haunted Chicago 
12 pm – Vendor rooms
1 pm – Sam Maranto & Bill Kousoulas, Ph.D. – UFOS over Chicago and The Mothman Sightings 
2:30 pm – Worlds Greatest Mind Reader Joe Diamond
3:30 pm – Dr. Scott Kolbaba – Physicians Untold Stories of the Supernatural 
5 pm-6 pm – Chris Fleming – Ghosts, Entities, and Evidence for Life After Death
6:15 pm – Vendors Close
6:15 pm-7:30 pm Paranormal Panel hosted by Dave Schrader

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