PSB7-PRO spirit box

PSB7-PRO: The Latest Spirit Box Technology by Gary Galka

Gary Galka speaks to GhostMag about his latest Spirit Box device

In the realm of spirit communication, few individuals have impacted the field as significantly as passionate innovator Gary Galka.

After experiencing a personal tragedy, he channelled his grief into creating devices that could allow people to connect with spirits, embarking on a journey that has made him one of the most revered figures in the paranormal community.

In an interview with GhostMag, Galka introduces his latest Spirit Box device the PSB7-PRO, which continues to push the boundaries of Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC).

Galka’s attempts to advance Spirit Box technology began during the isolation of the COVID-19 lockdown, a time when most were frozen in uncertainty.

For Galka, it was the perfect opportunity to delve deeper into the unseen world that has been his focus for so many years and improve on the PSB7 and PSB11 devices that have become a staple piece of ghost-hunting equipment for many paranormal investigators worldwide.

His ambition was to make significant strides in this field, pushing past the limitations of existing technology. “I knew that there was a way to advance Spirit Box ITC, and this gave me the time and opportunity to do so,” Galka told GhostMag, describing his motivation for developing this new version of Spirit Box.

To achieve this, he initially designed the RadioX-ITC, an intricate system that enabled him to dissect and scrutinize spirit responses in great detail.

Through a complex process that involved hand-selecting individual radio frequencies for analysis and adjusting sweep speeds to an ultra-precise 20mS (50 frequencies per second), Galka could interact with the spiritual realm in a way that no one ever had.

“This enhanced Spirit communication ITC tabletop system (RadioX-ITC) allowed me to analyze and understand Spirit responses in great detail thoroughly,” Galka explained.

This system acted as the foundation from which Galka made groundbreaking discoveries about how spirits prefer to communicate. He remarked, “Through considerable trial and error, this device allowed me to define the actual frequency origin and methods Spirits preferred and used to communicate.”


The result was transformational. Spirits began to articulate more fluently, using multiple words, and surprisingly, began to assist Galka in enhancing his device. The RadioX-ITC permitted Galka to listen to spirits and allowed him to understand them and engage them in his work.

“Now that I understood the primary frequency source of their communication and their preferred settings, I began to focus my software and hardware efforts on ways to enhance the frequency zones that would generate the best, multi-word Spirit Responses,” Galka explained.

“The first goal was to improve speech clarity and response duration to create longer word profiles. So, I developed a way to create more flexible and user-defined adjustable frequency steps. The ability to take smaller frequency steps during the sweep process, combined with software filtering and higher resolution user-defined sweep speeds, enables overlap and blending of frequencies during the sweep process.

“When implementing this unique technique around the preferred Response “Hot Spots” (strong radio stations), you essentially create a large window of up to 40 individual clustered, blended frequencies. And this, in turn, creates a wealth of opportunity for Spirits to speak fluently through those clustered “hot spots.”

Contrary to common belief, Galka discovered that spirits favor “actual” radio station “hot spots” for detailed, multi-word dialogue communication. He said, “My technique simply takes multiple frequency ‘snapshots’ of the leading and trailing sides of the primary radio station frequency. This creates a wide band of smaller frequencies, making it easier for Spirit to apply their force to create a type of deformation or change to those frequencies.”

This revelation opened new avenues for spirit communication. However, Galka acknowledges the skepticism that some might harbor. The possibility of interference from radio stations is a legitimate concern, and Galka addresses this directly, “Radio stations can and will sometimes occur and blend through. But, in reality, it’s up to the user of the PSB7-PRO device to learn and adapt to the dynamics of the New ITC technique.”

Through the process of developing the PSB7-PRO, Galka found himself experiencing interactions with spirits that far exceeded his expectations. “I’ve received several ‘congratulations’ on my tech achievement from family members and Spirits in general,” Galka shares.

He even reports that many spirits guided him through his research and development, offering continuous advice on technical aspects of the device to facilitate their communication.

With Galka’s PSB7-PRO, users have to attune themselves to the nuanced characteristics of the device and understand the interplay between their questions and the spirit responses. “If the device user has a good bond and connection with Spirit during their session, and Spirit is attracted and interested enough to speak to you, the responses will most likely conform to the context and content of your conversation,” Galka advises.

“The user will need time to acclimate to all Spirit box sweep techniques. A seasoned professional with experience will quickly recognize the device’s unique and beneficial advantages.”

The PSB7-PRO can also be used with a new APF-D processor, which allows the user to see the response audio profile on display, rewind responses in real time, play the answers back slower or faster, and remove sweep noise. adjust the high pass filter and adjust the volume. These developments will allow real-time communication and in-depth analysis of spirit voices.

The PSB7-PRO was originally scheduled for release in July but has been delayed until August for customers in the USA and will be distributed worldwide soon after.

Galka explained: “I was going to offer it at the end of July but refrained from doing so. Instead, I felt it would be prudent to offer some pre-production PSB7-PROs to a group of ITC professionals with Spirit Box sweep radio experience.

“This way, they can voice and share their unbiased opinions based on their testing. I will never create and introduce a product that is unproven or does not have credible results to back it up.”

One of the first seasoned professionals handpicked to field test the PSB7-PRO is Nick Simons, a key figure from the Netflix show “28 Days Haunted” His experience has been overwhelmingly positive and offers unique insight into the practicalities and capabilities of the device.

According to his early tests, the step scan feature and appropriate sweep speeds make the PSB7-PRO a significantly more efficient and effective device for spirit communication than its predecessor.

Simons exclusively told GhostMag: “I’m honored to be a part of the first wave of folks handpicked to test the PSB7-PRO by the man himself, Gary Galka.”

“I’ve been setting my sweep speeds to 50ms to 70ms, and adjusting the kHz settings on the step scan, trying to find that sweet spot.”

One of the significant upgrades that Simons highlights is the clarity of the responses. “The responses I’ve been collecting with the PSB7-PRO have been more clear than the old P-SB7 models. I definitely think that’s due to the step scan feature.”

“Probably the most compelling to me is a response of a surprised spirit saying “I never thought anyone could hear my voice!”.

Aside from the precision user-adjustable AM/FM sweep speeds, the Pro version introduces other industry-first features that place it ahead of its predecessors, the P-SB7 and the P-SB11.

Among these improvements are user-adjustable FM and AM frequency steps with proprietary frequency overlap software, integrated REM field trigger sensors, and an ambient and deviation temperature measurement, to name just a few.

The integration of REM field trigger sensors is another leap forward in spirit communication technology and one that Simons is keen to test in the field.

“I’m interested in playing with the IR sensors and the mute button. So the device can be set up to be sweeping and muted. Then with the IR sensors on, if anything were to trip the IR beam or disrupt the REM pod field, the mute button would shut off, and the SB7-Pro would begin audibly sweeping,”

Galka is also working on improving the X1 amplified speaker to include the ANC-Mini Noise Filter (Adjustable Noise Control) device as standard. The speaker is likely to be available by September.

“The ANC-Mini is an adjustable Noise control device which can be used with the PSB7-PRO or any other Spirit Box with Audio output. It is a very effective tool that allows the user to remove any part of the sweep noise during a Spirit Box session”, he explained.

“The PSB7-PRO has adequate volume and audio quality for most users, but everyone has their own preferences. We build a speaker called the X1, which is an amplified speaker. I re-designed the X1 and added the ANC-Mini inside the speaker. So, now people can now have an exceptional amplified speaker with adjustable noise control in one handy device.

Television medium and paranormal investigator Chris Fleming, who worked on the original PSB-7 Spirit Box with Galka, told GhostMag in an interview that the processor and the ANC-Mini device had been well received by investigators.

Fleming noted: “I shared with Gary how I used Adobe Audition to take out the white noise and tried to think of ways to filter it out in real-time. I imagine that is why he came up with the ANC-Mini and APF-D processor because other investigators and myself had the same concern. How can we get rid of the noise?

“His new ANC-Mini device is great. Whether you use the APF-D processor or the ANC device it eliminates some of the noise and the playback is much cleaner.”

For those of us eagerly waiting to see what Gary Galka comes up with next, one thing is sure: his innovations will continue to push the boundaries of spirit communication technology, opening up ever more profound interactions between this world and the next.

This latest device embodies Galka’s commitment to enhancing our ability to communicate with the spiritual world and his belief that through communication, we can find solace, answers, and an understanding of life beyond the physical.

His devices have transformed the field of ITC, and the PSB7-PRO promises to open up exciting new possibilities in our understanding and interaction with the spiritual realm. With its unparalleled features and sophisticated technology, it offers a unique tool for those seeking to reach across the veil and communicate with the other side.

Frequently asked Questions

When will the PSB7-PRO be available?

The PSB7-PRO is set for release in the USA in August 2023. The device will be distributed worldwide following the initial release in the USA. The device will be priced at $275.00

Is the ANC-Mini compatible with the PSB7-PRO?

The ANC-Mini is an adjustable Noise control device which can be used with the PSB7-PRO or any other Spirit Box with Audio output. It is a very effective tool that allows the user to remove any part of the sweep noise during a Spirit Box session.

What industry first features are built in to the PSB7-PRO

Industry First “Precision” User Adjustable AM/FM Sweep Speeds – 30mS, 50mS, 70mS, 90mS, 110mS, 130mS, 150mS, 170mS, 190mS, 210mS, 230mS, 250mS, 270mS, 290mS, 310mS, 330mS and 350mS
Industry First User Adjustable FM Frequency Steps with proprietary frequency overlap (blending) software -10kHz, 20kHz, 40kHz, 60kHz, 80kHz,100kHz
Industry First User Adjustable AM Frequency Steps with proprietary frequency overlap (blending) software- 1kHz, 2kHz, 4kHz, 6kHz, 8kHz, 10kHz
Industry First Integrated REM Field Trigger Sensor. Momentary and timer controlled
Industry First Integrated IR Emitter/Receiver Trigger Sensor. Momentary and timer controlled
Industry First REM Field and IR Sensor Simultaneous Trigger Sensor. Momentary and timer controlled
Industry First Temperature Display: Ambient and Deviation temperature measurement

Where to buy a Spirit Box

The PSB7-PRO Spirit Box will be available to customers in the USA from August 2023 from Pro Measure.

The PSB-7, ANC-Mini devices are available from Amazon or specialist retailers, such as GhostStop in the United States and Spirit Shack in the United Kingdom.

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