Ancient Ram Inn

The Ancient Ram Inn: Britain’s Most Haunted?

Infamous for ritual sacrifice and Devil worship, in Gloucestershire.

The Ancient Ram Inn

The Ancient Ram Inn is a 600-year-old inn located in the sleepy town of Wotton-under-Edge in Gloucestershire, England. It is one of the oldest surviving inns in Europe and one of the most haunted buildings in the UK.

Ancient Ram Inn
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The History Behind the Ancient Ram Inn

Built in the 12th century, the Ancient Ram Inn has had a long and interesting history. It has served many different purposes including a public house, a church, a courthouse and even a brothel!

John Humphries, who dedicated his life to the preservation of the Ram, purchased the inn in the 1960s. He lived there, amidst the plethora of frightening paranormal activity, until his death in 2017.

Legends Surrounding the Inn

The Ancient Ram Inn has many legends and stories surrounding it. The most famous, perhaps, is that a randy sex demon resides within it’s stone walls.

John Humphries believed the inn had been a hotbed of devil worship and child sacrifice. He dug up daggers and the skeletons of children under his staircase (the grave remains open today) and found a mummified cat in the buried within the walls.

The building also sits on a ley line that runs straight under the inn and through to Stonehenge, which is said to further charge and fuel paranormal activity in the Ancient Ram Inn.

Ghosts at the Inn

The Ancient Ram Inn is teeming with ghosts and guests have experienced all the classic hallmarks of a haunting whilst within the building. Shadowy figures lurk in the corridors, strange noises emanate from the walls and electronic voice phenomena has been captured regularly in the property.

When the building operated as a bed and breakfast, guests were often attacked by unseen forces and fled in terror to the safety of their vehicles in the dead of night. There have also been reports of poltergeist activity and objects moving on their own. John’s daughter Caroline, who now owns the building, reportedly witnessed a chest of drawers levitating above her bed before crashing onto the floor.

Ancient Ram
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Much of this violent activity is attributed to the Ram’s lustful sex demos. It is claimed that an incubus and succubus both reside in the building and John claimed to have been assaulted by them on numerous occasions whilst alone in the building.

Perhaps the most chilling account is that of Rev John Yates, the former Bishop of Gloucester. He unsuccessfully attempted to exorcise the pub and labelled it the “most evil place” he had ever visited.

Since his passing, paranormal investigators have also claimed to have made contact with John and believe a series of intelligent responses on a K2 (Electromagnetic Field) meter may be evidence that he is still present in the building he loved so much.

Witchcraft and Ley Lines

The Ancient Ram Inn was built atop an ancient pagan burial ground and a ley line is said to run directly under the property.

Occultists are believed to have used the ley line to summon the dark forces and evil spirits that still reside at the Ram and it is also widely accepted that ley lines can act as a natural fuel for paranormal activity.

A window at the Ram Inn
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The Ancient Ram Inn is the holy grail for ghost hunters, who travel from far and wide to experience the paranormal activity. Whilst John is sadly no longer with us, the Ram is still without question one of the most haunted and atmospheric buildings in the world.

Can I visit the Ancient Ram Inn?

Many paranormal groups hold overnight investigations at the Ancient Ram Inn. You can find more information about upcoming guided tours and ghost hunts on the Ancient Ram Inn Facebook Page. You can also book historical tours and overnight visits on Groupon.

Address: 8 Potters Pond, Wotton-under-Edge GL12 7HF

Haunted locations nearby

The Ancient Ram Inn is not the only haunted location in the area. The nearby town of Gloucester is home to several other haunted locations, such as the Black Cat Inn, a 17th century pub said to be haunted by the ghost of a former landlord.

Another must visit for ghost hunters is Woodchester Mansion, which is about 7 miles away from the Ancient Ram Inn. This spectacular, unfinished, gothic mansion is considered by many to be one of the most haunted places in the country despite the fact it was never being lived in! Reports of strange noises, ghostly apparitions and even poltergeist activity has been experienced in this truly terrifying location!

You can also read about the history and ghostly residents of other Haunted locations in the UK here.

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