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The Haunted Hunts: Castle Cottage Review

New series on Amazon Prime

The Haunted Hunts team, led by paranormal investigator Danny Moss, has gained quite a reputation for its systematic approach to ghost hunting.

Using scientific methods and a firm belief in attempting to rationalise alleged paranormal activity, the reputable team are back with a brand new series on Amazon Prime, which kicked off with an investigation of Castle Cottage.

Located in Wiltshire, south of England, this episode unveils a history as deep as its suspected paranormal activity and offers a refreshing angle on the supernatural genre.

For those unfamiliar, the Haunted Hunts is a team of paranormal investigators known for their down-to-earth approach. They adopt a healthy scepticism towards unverified phenomena, often debunking reports of the supernatural by identifying plausible, non-paranormal explanations.

In stark contrast to many other shows that dramatize and sensationalise their findings, The Haunted Hunts remain grounded and focus heavily on scientific evidence with team member Emma Dawe’s pointing out that “a lot of stuff out there isn’t legit”.

Castle Cottage
Castle Cottage

Constructed in the 17th Century, Castle Cottage occupies a site that has an even older history, tracing back to the 12th Century. This land once housed a diminutive castle, commissioned by the Lord of Stapleford Manor, which fell under the stewardship of the Hussey family from the mid-12th Century.

Today, only the mound and ditch remain as a testament to the castle’s former presence, devoid of any masonry or tangible evidence of the original structure.

Adjacent to the south of the castle site, a farmstead once flourished. Here, Manor Farm, a modest two-storey farmhouse with attics, was built during the 17th Century. Each side of the central chimney stack was flanked by a room on the ground floor.

A substantial extension to the east was later added in 1860. Nestled between Manor Farm and the castle mound are two cottages, constructed from flint and limestone rubble, also originating from the 17th Century. One of these cottages is the much talked-about, and allegedly haunted, Castle Cottage.

With multiple reports of paranormal activity, including disembodied footsteps, poltergeist activities, and even sightings of a soldier potentially related to the castle’s past, the Haunted Hunts team had their work cut out with just two days at the location to document any evidence of a haunting.

Their investigation is meticulous, starting with a baseline sweep to rule out high electromagnetic fields (EMF) or infrasound that could be misinterpreted as paranormal.

They find high EMF levels originating from a nearby WiFi box and radio towers, which they believe could explain some of the previous reported occurrences.

The team also scrutinises evidence the location’s owners sent in, including a light anomaly video, which they successfully debunk as dust.

The episode gives a comprehensive account of their 48-hour investigation, from the interviews with Bev, the in-house paranormal investigator, to their unique usage of cutting-edge technology and ghost hunting equipment like the H4 digital microphone and the GS2 laser grid. With these tools, the team investigates unexplained noises, footsteps, and even a moving ping pong ball, to debunk or explain the phenomena.

When the group hears potential footsteps in the front room, they acknowledge that these were not captured on their H4 digital microphone. Similarly, they attribute tapping noises in the kitchen from static generated from a WiFi box.

The most intriguing moments include an unexplained movement of a ping pong ball and footsteps in an empty farmhouse, leaving even the seasoned team puzzled.

Danny Moss
Danny admits something paranormal may be happening at Castle Cottage

Despite their scepticism, the Haunted Hunts team does not outright dismiss the possibility of paranormal activity. After two nights of investigation and a review of their footage and audio for any electronic voice phenomena or unexplained noises, Danny Moss admits that “something paranormal” may be happening at Manor Farm and Cottage.

In conclusion, the new Haunted Hunts episode at Castle Cottage offers viewers a fascinating, well-balanced investigation into the unexplained. The team’s dedication to debunking and explaining alleged paranormal phenomena, rather than blindly accepting them, provides a refreshing and much-needed change in the genre.

While this approach might not appeal to those seeking dramatic and exaggerated reactions, it will undoubtedly resonate with those appreciating a more grounded, scientific method in ghost hunting.

You can watch the latest series of The Haunted Hunts, including the Castle Cottage episode on Amazon Prime.

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