The Queen Mary Ship Haunted

Is The Queen Mary Ship Haunted?

A spooky retired ocean-liner

The Queen Mary is a retired British ocean liner, now permanently moored in Long Beach, California.

The majestic vessel is said to be a hotbed of paranormal activity, with Time Magazine voting it as one of the most haunted places in America.

History of the Queen Mary Ship

The construction of the RMS Queen Mary began in 1930 at the John Brown shipyard in Clyde, Scotland, where the first keel plate was laid.

Due to the Great Depression, construction was paused between 1931 and 1934 however the ship was eventually completed and went on its maiden voyage on 27 May 1936.

During World War II, the Queen Mary was converted into a troopship to support the Allied Forces. The ship’s luxury features were stripped away and it was painted grey to make it less visible to enemy ships. Known as the “Grey Ghost”, the Queen Mary played a crucial role in transporting troops to various locations.

After the war, the Queen Mary underwent a refit to restore its original features and returned to passenger service. The ship continued to provide transatlantic services between Europe and North America until the 1960s.

As air travel became more popular, the demand for ocean liners dwindled, eventually leading to the Queen Mary’s final voyage in 1967.

Upon retirement, the Queen Mary was sold to the city of Long Beach, California, where it was permanently docked and converted into a hotel and tourist attraction, offering a glimpse into both the golden age of ocean liners and its haunting past.

Queen Mary Haunted Hotspots

Is the Queen Mary Haunted?

With such an intriguing past and 55 reported deaths on board the vessel, it is no surprise that the Queen Mary is said to be rife with paranormal activity.

There have been over 150 reported ghost sightings on board the ship, with some dating back to when the Queen Mary was operating as an ocean liner in the 1960s.

The most haunted room on the vessel is the notorious Room B340. A dark figure has been seen standing at the foot of the bed, whilst the bed covers have been pulled from unsuspecting guests in the dead of night.

During the Queen Mary’s final voyage to Long Beach in 1967, loud banging on the bedroom door was reported and this phenomena has woken guests on a regular basis ever since.

Clothes hangers rattle in the wardrobe, footsteps are heard pacing the room and the feeling of being touched is also common in this oppressive room.

The First-Class Swimming Pool is another area of the Queen Mary rife with paranormal activity. Visitors and staff have reported sightings of a woman in vintage swimwear and numerous small children, including a girl named Jackie.

Mysterious splashing sounds and phantom wet footprints have also been observed in the pool area, despite the fact that the pool has not been filled with water for many years.

Located 50 feet below water level, the Queen Mary’s engine room is also known for its intense paranormal activity and is home to perhaps the most famous ghost on the ship, John Peddler.

Peddler, who was crushed to death by watertight Door 13 during a during a routine drill in 1966, is often seen clutching a spanner and his greasy handprints also appear on surfaces in the shaft alley.

During the renovations ahead of the opening of the hotel, a security guard and his German Shephard Dog reported a frightening experience in this area.

The dog refused to pass Door 13 and reacted as though he had seen an intruder. His handler, who was alone on the ship, tried to calm the dog who was barking at thin air before a loud metallic noise caused the spooked duo to run from the area. Did the dog see a ghost in the bowels of the historic ship?

Room B-474 is also said to harbour a negative energy and is rumoured to have been the scene of a grisly triple murder. Legend has it a young girl named Dana was shot dead in the bathroom and her mother and sister were strangled on the bed, however no official records of the murder can be found. Her spirit is said to haunt the boiler room and second class pool area.

The apparition of a beautiful woman in a white gown, often referred to as the “Lady in White,” has been spotted in the Queen’s Salon and the smell of cigar smoke and perfume often lingers in the stateroom.

The vessel is also said to be alive with auditory phenomena. Laughter, talking and whistling are all heard coming from empty rooms and ghost hunters have recorded impressive electronic voice phenomena during their investigations..

Ghost Hunts and Tours

The Queen Mary ship offers various ghost hunts and tours for those wanting to experience the paranormal aboard this luxury liner.

The daily Queen Mary Ship Haunted Encounters Tour incorporates a series of twilight tours that let visitors explore the ship’s legendary haunted history.

For a more hands-on paranormal experience, the Paranormal Investigation Experience allows participants to join a professional paranormal investigation team investigating all the haunted hotspots onboard the vessel.

If you are feeling brave, Room B340 can also be booked for an overnight stay and comes complete with a range of ghost hunting equipment for you to conduct your own investigation.

Rates start from $499 per night. For more information, visit or call (877) 342-0742.

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