Tips for recording EVPs: Expert advice from an EVP specialist

How to record a Grade A EVP!

Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) refers to the purported manifestation of voices or sounds from unknown sources, often attributed to spirits or otherworldly entities.

These sounds are picked up through electronic devices such as tape recorders, radios, and other audio equipment.

These mysterious voices, sometimes intelligible, have captivated the attention of many, leading to numerous investigations, experiments, and debates about their origins and potential explanations.

Yet to capture a genuine EVP is not always as simple as hitting the record button on your recording device. It demands a meticulous approach, the right tools, and a respectful attitude.

Eamonn Vann-Harris, a leading authority in the field of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP), provides insightful expert advice and tips for recording EVPs.

How to record EVP

Approaching with Respect

The paranormal world should not be considered a playground for the curious, but rather a realm to explore with utmost respect.

Vann-Harris insists on shedding clichéd questions and maintaining a sincere dialogue with potential spirits, suggesting: “First of all, be respectful. You’re dealing with people who, just like you, have their own life (be it somewhere in the ether) and could be confused, mischievous or lost.

“Communicate with a spirit as if you would be communicating with a stranger for the first time. Stay positive and stay calm, along with a high vibrational attitude.”

tips for recording evps

Creating Optimal Recording Conditions

The integrity of Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) is intrinsically linked to the purity of the recordings obtained, a factor that is significantly influenced by the conditions established during the recording sessions.

As outlined by Vann-Harris, there are several pivotal considerations to ensure optimum recording environments.

Firstly, limiting the number of people involved in the recording sessions can effectively decrease potential sources of interference. This precaution not only minimizes noise contamination but also promotes focus and efficiency during the sessions.

In addition, performing a comprehensive check of the recording area for possible noise disturbances is another crucial step. These disturbances could range from subtle creaking floorboards to more pronounced road noise or wind sounds. By addressing these factors ahead of time, investigators can mitigate the risk of unwanted noise seeping into their recordings.

When it comes to EVP sessions that are conducted in public venues, such as museums or castles, another piece of advice from Vann-Harris is to schedule these outside of standard visiting hours. This approach is to avoid the regular influx of public-generated ambient noise, thereby providing a quieter and more controlled environment for recording sessions.

Furthermore, maintaining a precise account of everyone present during the investigation is essential. This includes individuals like caretakers or security personnel who might be on site during the investigation. Ensuring the exact knowledge of who is present can aid in ruling out potential sources of unexplained sounds during the analysis phase.

Lastly, Vann-Harris recommends the use of laptops due to their advanced technology and minimal susceptibility to external intrusion. However, if carrying a laptop proves inconvenient or impractical, there are alternative options.

Check out our list of the best EVP recorders, used and approved by experts in the field.

Articulating Clear and Precise Questions

Clarity in speech and questioning holds paramount significance during EVP sessions. “Speak nice and clearly with precise, respectful questions,” advises Vann-Harris.

“Only have one person at a time asking the questions and leave ample space for a reply.”

This protocol simplifies the subsequent analysis of audio recordings, helping distinguish potential EVP voices from ambient noise.

Diligent EVP Analysis

Once EVP recordings are in your hands, diligent analysis becomes crucial. Vann-Harris shares several techniques to unravel potential spirit voices from your recordings:

  • Employ noise filtering tools or software, such as Adobe Audition, to isolate EVP voices from background noise or interference.
  • Where possible, use speakers that cover a vast frequency range. Certain speakers produce EVP that different speakers couldn’t produce due to frequency outputs.
  • Adjust audio levels and equalization to enhance clarity and emphasize faint voices.
  • Perform control experiments by recording without intentional communication attempts. Comparing these control recordings with your EVP samples can spotlight significant differences, corroborating the presence of EVP voices.
  • Look out for obvious signs of Pareidolia. Analyse the phonetic structures of captured audio to determine whether they form clear, intelligible words relevant to the questions asked.

In conclusion, conducting EVP sessions is a meticulous process requiring a respectful approach, careful maintenance of the recording environment, the articulation of clear and precise questions, and a thorough analysis of the recordings.

These elements collectively have the potential to unearth compelling evidence of spirit communication, pushing the boundaries of our understanding of the unknown.

Read our interview with Eamonn Vann-Harris about his research into Electronic Voice Phenomenon.

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