Ye Olde Kings Head, Chester

Ye Olde Kings Head Chester

Ye Olde Kings Head, in the walled Roman city of Chester, is a historic pub boasting a rich and fascinating past.

Dating back to the 13th century, it is said to have as many as 13 ghosts residing within its walls including English civil war soldiers, children and the hapless prostitutes who worked in the premises when it operated as a brothel.

Ye Olde Kings Head Chester History

Ye Olde King’s Head is a historic inn situated on Lower Bridge Street in Chester.

The Tudor style Grade II* listed property was built in 1622, but nestles upon ancient 13th-century foundations (source).

The building is said to stand on the site of the first stone built-house in the City, erected in 1208 for Peter the Clerk the administrator of Chester Castle.

The name “Ye Olde Kings Head” is derived from the historical event when King Charles stayed at the nearby Gamul House during the English Civil War (source).

The pub has been trading since 1714 and has gained notoriety for the numerous ghost stories and strange occurrences that occur within its walls.

Ghost sightings at Ye Old Kings Head

The whole building is rife with paranormal activity, but it is believed bedrooms four and six are particularly active.

Poltergeist activity and the apparition of a small child has been reported in Room Four, whilst a man in black has been seen in the spooky Room Six.

His calming presence was first reported in 1982, when a female guest saw him standing at the end of the bed before he vanished into the darkness.

It is believed the King’s Room is haunted by several females who worked in the property when it operated as a brothel in the 17th century, whilst the spirit of a Roman soldier has also been captured on camera.

Ghost of a Cavalier

Another ghostly inhabitant of Ye Olde King’s Head is the ghost of a Cavalier, who is believed to date back to the English Civil War era.

The Cavalier is often seen roaming around the lower levels of the pub, including the cellar, in heavy boots and a plumed hat.

According to Cheshire Live, visitors have reported hearing the clicking sound of his boots on the stone floors, as well as seeing the shadowy figure of a man dressed in the attire of the time.

Ghost of a Small Boy

One of the most touching ghostly encounters at Ye Olde King’s Head is the ghost of a small boy, who is believed to be searching for his missing mother.

This young spirit is often seen on the staircase or in the room four of the building. He is known to tug at the clothing of visitors or playfully hide objects from them.

The Grace Doll

If the 13 resident ghosts weren’t enough, a doll dubbed the ‘UK’s most haunted item’ also resides in Ye Old Kings Head.

The Grace doll was introduced to the hotel by Danny Moss, a paranormal investigator who has been studying the item with his team The Haunted Hunts for five years.

Only seasoned paranormal investigators are permitted to approach the doll, which is protected by a salt circle and securely fastened with chains to prevent unauthorized access to the glass enclosure.

The haunted artefact was previously kept at Tatton Old Hall, a medieval hall in Cheshire, and it’s influence soon led to dark and negative activity.

Grace Doll in Ye Olde Kings Head Chester
Grace Doll in Ye Olde Kings Head Chester

Visiting Ye Olde Kings Head, Chester

Whether you’re a believer in the paranormal or just curious about the tales associated with this pub, ghost tours are an exciting way to explore Ye Olde King’s Head.

During these tours, participants are led through the pub’s various rooms, including areas known to have experienced paranormal activity. Guides share stories and anecdotes about the 13 documented ghosts that are said to reside within the centuries-old walls.

These chilling encounters have captured the interest of not only the locals but also a wider audience, as the pub was even featured on TV’s Most Haunted programme just a few years ago (source).

Staying Overnight at My Haunted Hotel

An overnight stay at Ye Olde King’s Head promises guests an immersive paranormal experience and the chance to be part of a documented, ongoing paranormal investigation.

Ye Olde King’s head is now the focus of a unique paranormal TV show, My Haunted Hotel and guests will star in their very own episode.

Wannabe Ghost hunters will be monitored by professional paranormal investigators from an in-house control room, before braving the night in one the haunted bedrooms.

Staying overnight is not for the faint-hearted and ghost hunters must sign a waiver before being allowed to spend the night.

The hotel is located on Chester’s Lower Bridge Street, which is within walking distance to various attractions such as Chester Cathedral, the old Roman walls and the medieval Rows.

To book a spooky stay at Ye Olde King’s Head, visit their official website.

Address: Ye Olde Kings Head (My Haunted Hotel), 48-50 Lower Bridge Street, Chester, CH1 1RS

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