Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem in Nottingham

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem

Home to a cursed model ship and a number of spirits

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem, located in Nottingham, is one of England’s oldest inns.

The ancient inn is home to a cursed model ship and several spirits, including a former landlord and a heartbroken young woman.

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem History

Ye Olde Trip was built atop a series of caves at the base of the cliffs beneath the historic Nottingham Castle.

The pub dates back to 1189, and while the claim that it is the oldest inn in England is fiercely debated, evidence suggests the caves were used as a Malthouse brewery for Nottingham Castle as early as 1068.

The cool rock caves beneath the castle provided an ideal environment for brewing. The remains of the original brewhouse can still be observed in the interconnected series of cellars and underground passages beneath the present-day pub, and archaeological evidence also discovered a speaking tube, which allowed customers to place ale orders from the castle.

Nottingham is known for its extensive cave system, and there are over 800 man-made caves carved into the soft sandstone bedrock.

They were used for various purposes, including; homes, workplaces, dungeons, storage spaces, and air raid shelters during World War II.

Some of the most well-known caves in Nottingham include the Broadmarsh Caves, King David’s Dungeon below Nottingham Castle, and the dungeon below the Galleries of Justice.

The caves below Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem were also a well-known cockfighting venue; visitors can still view the old pit where the fights took place.

The pub is associated with many famous figures, including King Richard the Lionheart, who is said to have stopped there on his way to the Crusades.

Ghosts of Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem

Perhaps the most well-known spirit is that of George Henry Ward, also known as “Yorkey,” who was the pub’s landlord between 1894 and 1914.

Yorkey has been seen several times, causing some to believe he is still watching the inn and its cellars.

The ancient cellars beneath Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem are also a hotbed of paranormal activity. Visitors and staff members have reported unexplained footsteps, ghostly voices, and moving objects.

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem is also home to a mysterious artifact known as the Cursed Galleon. According to local legend, a sailor left a cursed model ship at the pub, now sitting in a display case.

This small wooden ship, anchored to one of the pub’s walls, is said to bring misfortune and even death to anyone who attempts to clean it. Over the years, stories have circulated that several people who dared to touch the galleon have met untimely ends. As a result, the ship is now encased in a glass cabinet, never to be touched again.

The ghost of a young pregnant widow is also said to haunt the rooms of the ancient inn. In the 18th century, she visited Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem to meet a potential suitor. After a night of drinking, the widow felt unwell and decided to rest in one of the pub’s rooms.

The next morning, she was found dead, with the cause of death believed to be the result of excessive alcohol consumption.

Visitors and staff have reported encountering her ghostly figure, who is said to wander the pub’s rooms and halls, searching for her lost lover who never came to meet her.

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